Daily Archive: August 2, 2018

“LOL! Daniel Padilla accidentally announces he needs to go to the toilet during a live show”


Daniel Padilla is just like any person when the call of nature strikes. 

A video of Daniel accidentally saying that he needs to go to the toilet to poop is now going viral online. Daniel was unaware that his lapel microphone was already on when he said so. The actor alongside Kathryn Bernardo, were interviewed for The Anne Show, a popular talk show in Thailand.  The interview was broadcast via Facebook live and netizens were quick to capture the video of the the actor's unguarded moment.

It was after the interview when Daniel found out that the online world got to hear what he said to Kathryn. "Kala ko cinut eh… Bakit? Di tumatae artista ganon?!," Daniel humorously quipped.

Watch the videos below:

“Rotten Tomatoes gives a score of 100 on BuyBust’s first day”


Buybust director, Erik Matti took instagram in proud, posting a screenshot from Rotten Tomatoes, as the film scores 100% on it’s first day in cinemas last August 1. Rotten Tomatoes website is a popular film review aggregator in the US. 

He captioned is post, “As if today is not important enough. We open in over 170 cinemas nationwide. And… #rottentomatoes score just hit 100%! Iho de puga guid! #BuyBust




The score was from five accredited Tomatometer Film Critics from different international publications. Though five is not enough to form a critic consensus, the websites’ top reviews were from Hollywood Reporter and Variety. 

Meanwhile, one of the film’s cast members, Arjo Atayde, posted on Twitter a photo comparing the BuyBust score to different Hollywood action movies like Mission Impossible: Fallout (97%) and John Wick 2 (89%). 




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