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25 Teen Movies on Netflix That Check Every Genre Box

Netflix has made a major push into the teen-movie game in recent months, and the results have been delightful so far — come on, you know you’ve watched The Kissing Booth at least a dozen times by now, too. There’s no doubt that the streaming service is reawakening our love for teen movies, and, thankfully, Netflix has its share of unforgettable titles about high school, friendships, and first love tucked away in the service’s vast streaming library. In fact, there are so many funny, heartbreaking, and downright classic movies about teens available to stream, you could spend the next few months channeling your 16-year-old self and swooning over Chad Michael Murray all over again.

From new favorites to ’80s classics, these are the 25 best teen movies streaming on Netflix right now. (And be sure to check out all the high school tv shows on Netflix, as well!)