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5 unmissable L.A. book events: James Ellroy, Bloomsday, an L.A. punk poet and more

In the early ’80s, a collective of artists and writers that included Michael Silverblatt, Benjamin Weissman, Mike Kelley and Dennis Cooper welcomed a “brilliant, handsome, charismatic, disarming, hedonistic, wounded math and science nerd” into their ranks. That description of Ed Smith, who committed suicide at age 48 in 2005, is from the poet Amy Gerstler, one of the many friends of Smith who will appear to celebrate a posthumous collection of his work, “Punk Rock Is Cool for the End of the World: Poems and Notebooks of Ed Smith,” edited by David Trinidad, who will be on hand. The reunion of the ’80s Beyond Baroque scene will also include Silverblatt, Weissman, Jim Krusoe, Bill Mohr, Sheree Rose, Bruce Hainley, Jack Skelley and Jane DeLynn.