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6 Reasons You Should See The Cher Show on Broadway ASAP

How well do you know Cher? No, seriously — how well do you really know her? Well, regardless of whether you’re a scholar on the icon or the type of casual fan who just belts “If I Could Turn Back Time” in the shower, Broadway’s The Cher Show will make you love her more than ever.

The production, which I recently had the pleasure of checking out in New York’s Neil Simon Theatre, is a glitzy, glamorous, endorphin-fueled trip through Cher’s spectacular career. While it tends to skip around on the lighthearted surface of things than digging into the more serious downs the 72-year-old faced on her road to superstardom, it will likely be impossible to wipe the smile off your face for hours after walking out of the theater. And isn’t that something worth cheering about?

Below, see why The Cher Show needs to be on your list of musicals to see ASAP.