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6 women sue Harvey Weinstein, and his former assistant makes new accusations

Six women are suing movie mogul Harvey Weinstein and the studio he co-founded, seeking to turn their case into a class-action suit representing what they say are hundreds of women whom he has sexually assaulted in his decades in Hollywood.

The federal lawsuit filed Wednesday in New York against him and the Weinstein Co. outlines what the six plaintiffs allege was a massive scheme that facilitated predatory behavior by Weinstein and, they say, enabled him to rape and sexually assault women.

“We are but six women representing hundreds,” the women said in a statement Wednesday. “Dozens have come forward so far, and many more remain in the shadows, still trying to find their courage. They are watching us defend ourselves for not coming forward sooner. They are reading internet comments, assessing the risks of coming forward and hoping that a few of us can obtain justice without them having to add their names to the list and go down in history as having been Weinsteined.”

The plaintiffs are Louisette Geiss, Katherine Kendall, Zoe Brock, Sarah Ann Masse, Melissa Sagemiller and Nannette Klatt.

This article was originally published at 9:15 a.m.