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A Girl Asked Kate Middleton Why People Were Taking Her Picture, and Her Response Is Too Precious

Whether she’s attending official events with Prince George and Princess Charlotte or she’s mingling with schoolchildren during royal appearances, Kate Middleton certainly has a way with children. The duchess returned from maternity leave on Tuesday and immediately went into mom mode she visited Sayers Croft Forest School and Wildlife Garden in London. As the photographers snapped photos of Kate during her outing, a little girl asked why they were taking photos of her. Kate’s adorable response? “They’re picturing you cause you’re special!” Aww! Talk about making a little girl feel like a princess.

Of course, that wasn’t the only sweet moment Kate shared with the schoolchildren. While sitting with a group of kids for story time, the mother of three couldn’t help but let out a giggle as a little girl stared at her in awe during story time. Let’s be real: we would have the same reaction if we sat next to the Duchess of Cambridge. See more from her latest appearance ahead.