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Adam McKay weighs in on ‘Vice’s’ Golden Globe nominations and how the film reflects on power and the world we live in

I was definitely intrigued by Cheney; he was a bit of mystery. He’s not a guy who seeks the spotlight, which is also what I liked about this story, because he’s a guy who changed history about as much as anyone, and what surprised me is what a central part Lynne Cheney is in the Dick Cheney story. Without her, I’m not sure we have a Dick Cheney. To this day in Casper, Wyo., they say whoever she married would have been president or vice president. An incredibly smart, driven, ambitious woman who really pushed Dick Cheney out of being what he could have been, just a local townie who hung power lines for the state. She’s a huge part of the movie and, really, when I think of Dick Cheney, I think of Dick Cheney and Lynne Cheney almost as one.