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‘All I See Is You’ is a sensual and visual experience

The premise of “All I See Is You,” wherein Blake Lively stars as a blind woman who has her sight restored, sounds unbearably sentimental. Thankfully, the film itself is far weirder than that.

Director Marc Forster explores questions of identity in relationship to sensory experiences in this erotic-ish thriller, about a woman whose whole self opens up to the world — for better or for worse — after cutting-edge eye surgery restores the sight she lost as a child in a tragic accident.

Forster, who wrote the script with Sean Conway, seems fascinated by creating a cinematic experience of blindness. It’s a unique viewing experience, as he weaves a visual spectacle of morphing light and color, melding into abstract shapes, a kaleidoscope of fractured, fantastical images coupled with detailed sound design in an attempt to represent the perspective of Gina (Lively) and her experience of the world.

Gina lives in Bangkok with her husband, James (Jason Clarke), for his job. But not much about their background or past is fleshed out, beyond her flashbacks to the terrible childhood car accident that took her sight and killed her parents. He’s the protector of his vulnerable wife, and seems to both relish and strain at the responsibility of caring for her and helping her navigate her small world.