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Billie Eilish and Her Brother Finneas Explain the Captivating Creative Process Behind Her Music

Billie Eilish touches on a number of topics in her songs, including love, loss, depression, and self-image. But perhaps the most gripping aspect of her music is the execution — her haunting lyrics and vocals mixed with textured melodies add such rich layers to her storytelling craft.

How do all of these moving parts come to fruition for the 17-year-old prodigy? In her YouTube miniseries A Snippet Into Billie’s Mind, she and her brother, Finneas O’Connell — who helps the singer write and produce her music — discuss the creative process behind some of her most popular songs. And some of the ways they think of concepts and ideas just might surprise you (i.e., Eilish using a screeching recording of an orthodontist shaving off her Invisalign attachments in “Bury a Friend”). Ahead, watch Eilish and O’Connell explain the meanings behind their songs and how they transform everyday experiences into otherworldly bangers.