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Blogger explains how bad news by international media about Duterte resulted to the harrassment of OFWs

Sass Rogando Sasot who recently confronted an international journalist belongs to a news network that interviewed a libelous blogger while allegedly badly portraying the supporters of President Duterte in their other articles.

In her post, Sasot explained how the international media badly destroyed, not only the image of President Duterte, but also the image of the Philippines.

Sasot believes that the portrayal of the international media to the Duterte’s war against illegal drugs made Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) experienced harassment from the foreigners who believed that the President of the Philippines is a ‘mass murderer’.

She made the story sent to her by an OFW as an example how our Kababayans were being harassed for their political beliefs.

This is the story:

A Duterte supporter based overseas was having a conversation with his acquaintance in a conference on security in Las Vegas, a German guy, while in a bus.

The DDS OFW was telling the German guy that he supports Duterte and the good things Duterte is doing for the country not being reported by mainstream media.

A white girl overheard the conversation. She butt in the conversation and asked what he felt for those people being slaughtered in Duterte’s drug war campaign. The girl created a scene in the bus, shouting that she didn’t want to be in the same bus with the person who supports a mass murderer.

Sasot became more worried for the safety of the Duterte supporters in Europe, because some of them were being accused as ‘fascists’ and when you were labeled like that, a group like “Antifa” might target you for assassination.

The anarchist and anti-fascist group Antifa, preparing for a riot.

I’ve heard stories like these — overseas Filipinos being humiliated and harassed not online but IN PUBLIC SPACES for supporting Duterte. There’s also a real danger to one’s life for being tagged a fascist for supporting Duterte. Alam niyo bang sa Europe ay may mga grupong who find it legitimate to inflict violence against those who are deemed fascists? Yup, the Antifa of Europe (see: http://reason.com/…/antifa-has-backed-its-message-with-viole). For some anarchists groups, fascists are legitimate targets for assassination.

The Pro-Duterte blogger believes that the reason why the foreigners harassed the Duterte OFW supporters was the bad portrayal of the media against President Rodrigo Duterte.

How exactly these foreigners became this angry towards Duterte supporters? How exactly these foreigners paint Duterte supporters as fascists? Where are they getting their information about what’s going on in the Philippines? The answer is simple: International news sources such as the BBC, CNN, Al Jazeera.

These powerful global news agencies only narrate a single story about what’s going on in the Philippines. And that story is the one being peddled by the opposition.

No, contrary to what Yellowtards, some Philippine mainstream media, and the context-less analysis of a historian in De La Salle, I’m not begging to be interviewed by BBC. By using the Jover Laurio incident, I am highlighting how BBC is complicit in propagating the version of events of the opposition to the world.

The biased reporting of powerful global news agencies like BBC help create the consciousness that provoked that white girl to create a scene against a Filipino for simply supporting Duterte.

Bago kasi dumakdak about what happened between Jonathan Head and I alamin muna ang KONTEKSTO ng mainit na pag-uusap namin na iyon.

Sasot became controversial after she confronted Jonathan Head, a journalist from BBC News for featuring a ‘minor blogger’ like Jover Laurio.

Sasot also criticized the articles wrote by Head, which badly portrayed the President and the war against illegal drugs in the Philippines.