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Did You Spot the Boy Meets World Star on The Walking Dead?!


Image Source: AMC

If you found yourself yelling at lazy Todd, a member of the Saviors, during the opening scene of this week’s The Walking Dead, you’re about to start yelling about him for a different reason. Though we never get a close-up of Todd’s face, many fans noticed he looks super familiar.

Todd is played by Lee Norris, aka Stuart Minkus from Boy Meets World and Girl Meets World. He’s had quite a glow-up since his nerdy days as Cory and Shawn’s dorky classmate.

While it goes without saying that Minkus definitely wouldn’t survive the zombie apocalypse, it seems Todd has managed fairly well. Though we couldn’t help but tell Todd, “That’s why,” when he asks why he had to lock everything down — moments before they found themselves under attack. Seriously, get it together, Todd. At least Minkus would’ve been more organized.

Image Source: Everett Collection

While Norris played Minkus when he was a kid, he more recently starred as sports anchor and all-around good guy Marvin “Mouth” McFadden on One Tree Hill. By the end of the series, he had married Millicent Huxtable, and they were expecting a son together.

Everett Collection
Image Source: Everett Collection

We at least know Rick and his ragtag team of merry men and women don’t finish Todd off when they invade the Saviors’ lair, since Norris will supposedly be on next week’s episode. Maybe by next week, Todd won’t be so meh about being part of an all-out war.