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I’ll Admit AJ McLean and His Wife Are Really Cute – Even Though I Wish It Were Me

As a huge Backstreet Boys fan, I always dreamed of being Mrs. AJ McLean. I still remember when I bought the Backstreet’s Back album and would fast-forward through it just to hear AJ’s parts. Even though things didn’t exactly pan out how I’d hoped, I’m glad there is another woman out there who is able to make him happy. The woman in question is none other than AJ’s longtime love, Rochelle DeAnna McLean. The Backstreet Boy and hairstylist first got together in 2009, and they made things official in 2011 with a goth-themed wedding. The two have been going strong ever since and are parents to two beautiful daughters, 6-year-old Ava and 1-year-old Lyric. Most recently, they stepped out together at the Grammys, but if you take a look at their Instagram accounts, you’ll notice it’s overflowing with cute moments. Things may not have worked out between AJ and me, but Rochelle clearly knows the shape of his heart.

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