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IMDb file: The versatile Michael Peña takes on projects from ‘Dora’ to ‘Narcos’

“I was studying acting a lot. I watch old movies. I watched ‘The Godfather’ and ‘On the Waterfront’ a lot. Early Pacino and De Niro and how natural they were. Characters propelled by their own instincts, rather than an idea. I fell in love with that style of acting. I wanted to do something like that. He was a really three-dimensional character, and that’s what I was working on the most, to make these characters three-dimensional. I had a good audition, but I knew I needed more research, and I was blessed with the fact that my brother had just had a kid. I went to visit him, and it was amazing how his attention went from himself to this completely new person. I thought, ‘I can act that.’ So that’s the way I went in to it.”