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“James Reid on the effects of being in showbiz: ‘It can be really toxic sometimes’”

James Reid reveals how he chooses to de-stress outside of work.

During his launch as the new Merrell ambassador, James Reid said he will always love being outdoors. “When I find time, I like to make the most of it and so when we plan a trip we go out of town, experience new things like climbing mountains and visiting new beaches. It’s a necessity for me. It can be really intense sometimes, the city, being in show business. Sometimes the stress really builds up. Overwhelming and it can be really toxic sometimes. And for me, getting out to nature really helps bring me back to myself. It’s good to get out of the concrete jungle,” he shared during the Merrell Let’s Getaway campaign launch last March 14. 

James said it was his older brother Andrew who influenced him to travel and explore the world. “Even before I was with Merrell I would go hiking all the time. For me hiking is very therapeutic and it helps me clear my mind. It helps me reset and appreciate everything I have. There’s something about being on top of a mountain. Not just to de-stress or whatever it is, it’s just to get out and have an adventure. Maybe that’s what some people are missing, to try something new,” he explained.

The new music producer also stressed how important it is to get close to nature. “I think what people don’t realize is that they tend to go crazy when they’re in the city for too long. I mean, we’re meant to be out in nature. It helps me reset and put things in perspective. When I’m on top of the mountains, all of my problems seem so small. So it just takes getting away from those bad thoughts and putting good thoughts in,” he said