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Little Women: Emma Watson Shares the First Sweet Photo From Greta Gerwig’s Remake

Greta Gerwig is picking up steam on her next project, which will see her dusting off a true classic: the Oscar nominee is directing a new adaptation of Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women.

If you missed it in high school English, Little Women follows four sisters — Amy, Jo, Beth, and Meg — who live with their mother in Massachusetts during the Civil War era. Their father is away, working as a chaplain in the war, and the family learns to lean on one another while spending their first holiday without him. The novel has been adapted for film six times, as well as having inspired TV musicals, plays, and even operas.

Gerwig was originally on board to write the movie but has since taken over as director, with a pretty impressive cast playing the iconic roles (*cough* MERYL! *cough*). Keep reading to see a sneak peek of the cast in their costumes courtesy of star Emma Watson, as well as who’s playing the rest of the beloved characters in Gerwig’s Little Women.