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“Ogie Alcasid thanks ex-wife Michelle Van Eimeren for defending Regine Velasquez-Alcasid from bashers”

Ogie Alcasid is grateful to his ex-wife Michelle van Eimeren for coming to Regine Velasquez’s defense.

Though Ogie Alcasid and Michelle van Eimeren have long parted ways, the two have remained friends over the years. In fact, the two of them are so close that Michelle developed a friendship with Ogie’s wife Regine Velasquez-Alcasid.

With all the non-stop bashing on the Asia’s Songbird’s decision to move to ABS-CBN, the former Ms. Universe contestant stood up to defend her.

“I’m so sorry that those small-minded people say such awful, hurtful words. You are a beautiful soul, Regine. There is a great deal more for you to offer this world. There is a reason that God chose you to take this role, and your kindness and tolerance show beyond any measure your enlightenment above those clearly needing the meaning of love,” she wrote.

Ogie took to Twitter to thank his ex-wife for coming to Regine’s defense without them asking for it.

“Thank you, Shelley @MVanEimeren,” he wrote in his tweet, quoting a screenshot of Michelle’s message for wife Regine.

Ogie and Michelle, whose marriage was annulled back in 2007, have two daughters named Sarah and Leila.

Leila Alcasid pursued a music career in the Philippines with a recording contract under Star Music. 

Meanwhile, Ogie has a son with Regine named Nate.