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Review: ‘Ragtime’ at Pasadena Playhouse proves it’s a ripe time for this stunning revival

Mother (Shannon Warne), Father (Zachary Ford) and Little Boy (Luké Barbato Smith) are nestled in their prosperous white enclave of New Rochelle, but they won’t be protected for long from the convulsive changes underway in America. Tateh (Marc Ginsburg), a Jewish widower, has arrived in New York, hoping to provide a better life for his Little Girl (Iara Nemirovsky) than was possible in their shtetl in the old country. Coalhouse Walker Jr. (Clifton Duncan), an African American piano man whose musical gifts have made him the proud owner of a Model T, infuses Harlem with the syncopated sound of ragtime while pining for Sarah (Bryce Charles), who, pregnant with his child, left town after he did her wrong.