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Take Command of This Game of Thrones Chess Board and Be the Khaleesi Westeros Deserves

Game of Thrones fans know that all bets are on as to who will take their “rightful” seat on the Iron Throne during the final episodes of season eight. With so many strong players in the game — including Daenerys, Jon, and Cersei — it’s probably going to come down to playing off of each other’s weaknesses. Now you can play out your own battle for the throne with this Game of Thrones Collector’s Chess Board ($100) from Barnes & Noble.

The board includes 38 pieces, 16 silver and 16 bronze, so you can fight for team Daenerys or team Night King. Both sides include dragon chess pieces, though, with Viserion on the Night Kings team and Drogon and Rhaegal on Dany’s team. There are even mini versions of the Unsullied! Having a Game of Thrones-themed chess board might result in some pretty tense games, but hearing “check mate” is still a lot less terrifying than “Dracarys!”