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The 5 Best Places to Get Discounted Bestselling Books

Now’s the time for hot cocoa and snuggling under a blanket with a book, be it a chilling thrill ride with Catherine Coulter or Linda Howard or a swoon-worthy romance with Nora Roberts. It’s also the time to shop for after-Christmas deals, because the holidays get pricey and books aren’t cheap. Whether you’re ready to spend those gift cards you got for Christmas or watching your budget, the following places are about to become your new best friends! These are the top five sites that will deliver the best book deals straight to your email, and most of them target your interests directly so you get exactly what you’re looking for: more time for reading and less time spent hunting down those awesome book deals. I hope these sites help you create your perfect must-read list for the new year with deals from the biggest names in fiction. Maybe you’ll find a new-to-you author to take a chance on or a book that you fall absolutely in love with!