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The Bachelor: Everything You Need to Know About Cassie, the Fan-Favorite From California

As soon as Cassie Randolph stepped out of the limo during The Bachelor‘s 23rd season premiere, we knew we smelled a front runner. The adorable California blonde greeted Colton Underwood with a box of butterflies in hand and said, “I have so many butterflies. Literally, I have so many butterflies.” The semi-corny thought and sweet gesture definitely struck a chord with Colton, who slipped one of the fake insects into his jacket pocket while she walked into the Bachelor Mansion.

Later on during the premiere, sparks flew while Cassie taught Colton how to say a few phrases in sign language, and although Colton somehow didn’t take the hint when she taught him how to sign “kiss,” the chemistry was definitely there. So, what else is there to know about the 23-year-old speech pathologist in training and Jimmy Kimmel’s predicted winner of the season? Keep reading for some fun facts about Cassie.