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This Edgy Teen Drama Parody About Arthur Needs to Be a Real TV Show ASAP


“Every day when you’re walking down the street . . . everybody that you meet . . . is a suspect.”

With that chilling take on the original theme song for PBS’s animated family cartoon Arthur, I’m convinced that Daniel Nkoola’s edgy updated version of the show needs to be turned into a real TV series as soon as possible. The student filmmaker from Austin, TX, shared a dark parody of Arthur on Twitter in early November, which sees the beloved characters — Arthur, D.W., Francine, Buster, and more — trying to solve the mysterious death of their pal Muffy.

The video, which I may or may not have already watched six times, has some strong Riverdale vibes. Since The CW has already turned the Archie comics into a mystery series, can Arthur Read get some love? They already have the costumes ready.

Not to mention, the twist at the end of the trailer with D.W. already has me hooked. Can’t you see her as part of some cover-up for the death of Muffy, who finally went too far with a rude Snapchat story? But then it turns out that Muffy has been alive the whole time, and D.W. was just protecting her from a real murderer? But by the time Arthur and Buster figure that out, the killer has already kidnapped Francine?!

Like I said, I’m going to need some full-length episodes in the near future.